Turn your Breakfast into a DESKFEST!

Turn your Breakfast into a DESKFEST!

Blimey! Another year ALREADY?!!
But boy! did I pack it into last year. Baby, Wedding then Christmas? We are now knackered, skint and fat;(. Subsequently, I really wanted to turn over a new leaf this January (as we all do) and feel a little bit more healthy. Having basically eaten cheese, biscuits, cold meats and Quality Street for pretty much every meal in December, I was definitely in the zone for a health challenge, so when Alpro approached me to be an ambassador for their Deskfest campaign, it was a bit of a no brainer.
The ethos behind the whole thing is to change the way we eat breakfast. It is, after all, the most important meal of our day, but far too many of us simply grab a croissant and a latte to eat at our desks: a calorie laden feast with precious little nutritional benefit. Alpro want to get us eating healthy breakfasts and what better way than incorporating their own, healthy products?

So, with that challenge in mind, I set about finding some tasty, healthy recipes to make my Deskfest creations: using Alpro soya milk (and other assorted Alpro products) naturally!

If you take 20minutes out of your evening (maybe after your evening meal, when you’re doing the clearing up), you can prepare some really tasty fare that means you can grab it as you run out of the door the next morning, simples! And THAT means you can feel good about hitting the snooze button an extra couple of times the next day;)

So, here are my Deskfest recipes! I didn’t make something every night, as of course, some evenings you simply don’t have time to prepare the next day’s brekkie, but the beauty of Alpro is that you can whip up something as simple as a smoothie or pour it over your daily bowl of cereal and still feel virtuous knowing you just made yourself a breakfast full of Alpro goodness. Go on: get that Halo Polishing Cloth out;)

This is a yummy baked quinoa recipe that I found online. (I wouldn’t want to risk making up my own: It would possible be a culinary catastrophe!). If you don’t have a cup measure (a good investment in these world wide web days!). then use this conversion tool:

Baked Quinoa With Broccoli

This is the recipe for the yummy granola bars. I didn’t have any soy milk powder, so I put everything in a food processor, whizzed it up and added extra Alpro soy milk to get a nice, thick consistency before I threw it in the oven. It seemed to work out OK!

This is the link to the banana muffin recipe. By far and away the success story of Deskfest! My Husband was snaffling them morning, noon and night and I even let my little boy nibble on some as a healthy treat:).

Oh, and a little incentive to get you “Deskfesting” by uploading all your deskfest creations with the hashtag #Deskfest, your photo will be automatically uploaded into the deskfest competition gallery (www.alpro.com/deskfest). The competition went live on January 14th and gives one lucky winner the chance to have breakfast in New York! What a start to 2013 THAT would be!! 1000 runners up also get an Alpro Keep Cup. You can upload as many photos as you like so get Deskfesting dudes and dudettes!

The other 2 days of my challenge I had cereal and Alpro Soya milk and made a smoothie with 1 banana, some frozen berries, a good dollop of Alpro pouring yoghurt, a touch of the Alpro hazelnut drink and soy milk to get it to the right consistency.  What a lovely week! Andy, Hunter and I are already ready to take on 2013 with GUSTO.  So, if you make one New Year’s resolution this year; make sure it’s that you will always start your day with a healthy Deskfest.  HERE’S TO A HAPPY, HEALTHY, ALPRO-FILLED NEW YEAR!!

Sarah xxxx

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