Throw Back Thursday: A Tale Of Two Sarahs.

December 1996. The second series of The Girlie Show was about to kick off (literally and metaphorically) in the new year.

Sarah Cawood diary entry 30th December 1996.

Sarah Cawood diary entry 30th December 1996.

After many rounds of auditions, I had been lucky enough to get a job co-hosting with Sara Cox (replacing Clare Gorham). I knew from the moment I met her that we were going to get on. She was a no-bullshit, fun, outgoing and brilliant chick to have around and I loved her instantly.

"Sarah Cox is my other new bezzie mate: she's so cool..."

“Sarah Cox is my other new bezzie mate: she’s so cool…”

Beautiful Sara.

Beautiful Sara.

We proceeded to go to every party, every gig and every after-party that we were fortunate enough to be invited to. To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember that much of those heady few weeks; they were a real whirlwind. I do remember one night though, after we had recorded the show, when we all headed down to Stringfellows (Peter Stringfellow had been a guest on the show that night, along with Lemmy from Motorhead). Peter was the perfect host, plying us with champagne and insisting Sara and I enjoy a lapdance from one of his girls (AWKS in every way). Chris Evans was there too and we all got thoroughly wasted (it was the 90s, right? And therefore The Law).

Coxy and Cawood

Coxy and Cawood. (I’m still trying to figure out how the hell to size my images properly!)

Sara crashed at mine that night and we dropped Lemmy at his hotel on the way home in our car. As I went to give him the standard telly-air-kiss-on-both cheeks, he grabbed my face and stuck his fat tongue right down my throat. I pulled away and admonished him: “you can’t do that!” I remonstrated. “I just did” was his reply then he turned on his cowboy heels and walked away without a backward glance. My meeting with him from then onwards was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

I remember thinking around that time that Sara and I would be friends for life, but like many friendships forged back then , it was short lived for a host of rubbish reasons. However, whenever I see her on the TV, or hear her on the radio now, I always remember what a brilliant time we had, and what a brilliant woman she is.


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