Sarah Cawood: broadcaster, voice over artist, blogger, tipster, entrepreneur, chutney maker. There isn’t much she won’t or indeed hasn’t tried.

She glided onto our television screens with the style and grace of the dancer she once was in the mid 90’s and has stayed there for the last 15 years via a comprehensive list of TV shows: some good, some bad, some downright ugly ;(

Taking in Nickelodeon, MTV (Singled Out), Channel 4 (The Girlie Show), Channel 5 (The Mag, Nightfever), ITV (Blind Date Kiss And Tell) and theBBC (Live and Kicking, CBBC and the mighty Top Of The Pops: RIP). Oh, and that’s the potted version!

It’s a pretty eclectic mix and such is her broad appeal that she’s managed to do what few TV Presenters have done and has moved seamlessly from naming and shaming W*****s Of The Week on 4’s The Girlie Show to getting gunked on Saturday mornings; entertaining kids on Live and Kicking!

VERY old footage! The Spice Girls being interviewed by Sarah Cawood on The Girlie Show in 1997.

More recently, Sarah has been offering her opinion on various current affairs and showbiz stories on This Morning, Sky Sunrise and The Wright Stuff and spouting her views (her own and not the views of her employers!) on Twitter, gaining over 60,000 followers and counting.

One thing she’s not is dull or short of something to say. With this in mind, blogging was the natural move forward and so this blogtastic new website was born. It features a daily blog of all things Cawood, from her life on the red carpet through to her days spent in the kitchen trying to be a domestic goddess. And often failing 😉 It also has a daily Cawood Tip, gleaned from the many years she’s spent trying to do her best “Perfect Housewife” impression. And often failing 😉 Essentially, it will be a blog for girls like you, written by a girl like you, who sometimes just happens to be lucky enough to breathe in the rarefied air of celebrity.

Alongside blogging for her website, she is also honoured to have been invited to blog onThe Huffington Post UK. Specifically she will be blogging about current affairs, entertainment and style – or the Cawood versions thereof!

Then there’s also the TV Presenter training company she is a consultant of, Presenters Inc. and a new production company set up with 2 friends, which is now actively pitching ideas to the industry, LSD Productions.


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