Sarah Cawood Gets Creative For Mother’s Day

Sarah Cawood Gets Creative For Mother’s Day

As you know, at Create and Craft we are always VERY excited to welcome a new crafter aboard the team, so it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Sarah Cawood! Better known for her television work, Sarah now has two crafty little monkeys of her own, and despite having dabbled with a little crafting in the past, declares herself by no means an expert! However, like all of us, Sarah is is embracing every opportunity to get creative, and is excited to take her crafting skills to whole new levels in 2018! Read on to discover Sarah’s inspiration, why crafting is her ‘happy place,’ and what she’s created for her super-crafty Mum in time for Mother’s Day! And if you do have any tips and tricks to share – or you’d just like to post a warm welcome to Sarah – please don’t forget to leave a comment below this post, we read every single one!


I’m new around these parts, but if you’re of a certain age, then you may well remember me being on the box in the corner of your living room back in the nineties and noughties, when I was a TV presenter. (You can still catch me on there occasionally, when I get wheeled out to talk about Britpop and the like!)

I’ve always had a hankering to be creative but, I’ll be honest, my art skills are virtually non-existent. However, not to be beaten, I have found other ways to indulge my creative side: in the kitchen, and wrapping gifts beautifully to name a couple. Even though I am no expert (yet!) I find crafting so very satisfying! It is a happy place; especially when an idea comes together and looks almost professional!

I’m SO EXCITED that Create and Craft have let me loose to continue being creative, and expand my crafting journey. I have only ever made one card in my adult life and that was for my husband this Valentine’s Day just passed…

It made him cry when he opened it. (I’m hoping they were tears of joy…?!).

Well, then I had the bug didn’t I? So I plundered my Mum’s crafting collection (she is a huge card crafting fan and a devoted Create and Craft viewer) and got cracking on a little something for Mother’s Day.

It’s not as easy as you lot make it look, that’s for sure! I have renewed admiration and respect for all you clever crafters, but I really enjoyed trawling Pinterest and the Create and Craft club magazine for ideas, then trying to get my vision onto the card!

Here’s How It Went…

Glue gun at the ready… Crafting station set… GO!

I had more than one glue gun disaster but this was the worst: I ended up with a big blob of glue where it would be seen plainly… so I modified my design and hid it under a butterfly! Has anyone invented a glue gun with no glue trail yet??

I kept on modifying the whole time I was doing the make, which meant I ended up running up and down the stairs and plundering my kids’ craft kit. Paint, glitter and colouring pencils? Thanks kiddiwinks!

And this is what I did with them…

It isn’t quite as polished as I’d like, but not bad for a first attempt really. I’m going to finish it inside with a lovely quote:

‘Mums are like buttons, they hold everything together.’

I had such a lovely time making my Mother’s Day card. I hope my Mama likes it. She’s a tough crowd, because she makes such beautiful cards herself!

This is just the start though, hopefully… I want to get really good!

Can anyone give me any solid card-making tips? Things to always do? Things to never do? Gluing without mess??

Hopefully, I will get to continue on my Create and Craft odyssey: I’d love you all to join me and add your help, advice and comments along the way!

Oh and just before I go, I hope all you Mamas have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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