Let The Adventure Begin: Sarah Cawood’s Fabscraps Wedding Card

Let The Adventure Begin: Sarah Cawood’s Fabscraps Wedding Card

This month, we sent the lovely Sarah Cawood one of our fantastic new kits from the fabulous people at Fabscraps to have a play around with! So Sarah wasted no time in inviting her mum round for an afternoon of crafting… check out what they created, and all the crafty secrets Sarah discovered along the way!

Is there a science to card making? I’ve been pondering this for a few weeks now, since I started my crafting journey. The answer, I have more or less discovered, is a resounding YES!

The lovely people at Create and Craft sent me a pack of FabScraps cardmaking stuff to play with, and I’m not joking when I say that when I opened the package, I didn’t have the first clue what in heaven’s name to do with all the components. It was like the blind challenge on Bake Off: the ingredients were all there, but there were no instructions as to how to construct a beauty of a card!

Cue my Crafty Mummy, who I knew would know all about this stuff. We decided we would use our booty to make a wedding card for a family wedding I was going to that week.

She guided me through the process, explaining how to layer my card, and telling me the various ways I could stick stuff down (she favours the double-sided tape over the glue which apparently “can be messy”).

It was so much fun to build my design! And that is exactly what you do when you’re making a card of this style. I loved choosing which papers would go with which papers and which embellishments, out of the array on offer, I should choose.

One of the very BEST things about my crafting lesson with mama was the discovery of the ‘pokey tool‘. WHO KNEW that such a little, insignificant implement could be SO DAMN USEFUL? There was a hole in my life before, that has now been filled with the joy of the Pokey Tool!  I will never look back….

Another little trick that I had always wondered how to achieve was getting my embellishment to sit proud from the card. Of course, the answer is so simple: sticky pads. Really small ones! And nothing more complicated than that. GENIUS! Oh I was learning all the secrets of you card crafters (although I can’t promise I will keep them!)

The truly lovely thing about hand crafting a card is that you can really go to town with attention to detail; I tried to make the inside of my card as beautiful as the outside, and I made sure I put a ‘hand made with love’ sticker on the back. Basically so all my hard work wouldn’t go unnoticed!

So, there we have it.  I can see why card crafting could be totally addictive: you can lose yourself completely in the creative process and if it weren’t for my children reminding me that they were there (“MUMMY! Can I have a snack/toy/bum wipe?” Delete as applicable) I would have whiled away hours. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s just a Happy Place!

Do you have any cardmaking top tips or secrets that help make crafting easier? Share your papercrafting hacks in the comments below!

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