Free Mother’s Day ideas worth more to us than “stuff”

Free Mother’s Day ideas worth more to us than “stuff”

You’ve left Mother’s Day too late you say? Well it’s a bloody good job that Crafty Cawood is here with some ideas for you then, isn’t it?

You see guys, whilst we LOVE flowers and candles and a nice meal out, what us mummies of young children are really lacking is TIME. We often bypass all the fun stuff because there are skids in the loo, a mountain of washing and the dust bunnies are taking over every corner.

On my more frazzled days of being mum/housewife/pa/taxi/cleaner/etc/etc/ad infinitum/ad nauseum I often daydream about a fairy godmother that would come and do all the small shit, so I could maybe go and get my nails done, or spend half an hour with a book.

SO, here’s the first free idea: You could send Mummy out for a while to see a friend, go for a walk with the smalls, or (if funds allow) have a mani or summat. WHILE she’s out: do the shit jobs that she normally does.

Example. Once on my birthday many years ago, when asked what I wanted, I said “for all my cupboards to be cleaned out”. My fairy godmother Suzie (the best friend a girl could ask for) came and did exactly that while I was out. It is still one of the loveliest, kindest and most memorable gifts I have ever received.

So, do the small shit so your BabyMama can go and enjoy some bigger shit.

Homemade vouchers are another cute, free and lovely idea. Get the kids to help you if they’re old enough. You can find some amazing free printables online (check out Pinterest). “Breakfast In Bed”, “A Day Off From Chores” and “A Candlelit Bath” are all ideas to put on them….

Last year, on Mother’s Day my lovely husband and two Smalls made me a jar of hearts. Inside were lots of heart shaped papers with things they love about me written on. Hunter wrote his own, Autumn had some Daddy help. Whenever I have a bad day, I go and pick one out. So far I’ve picked out things like: “You make our house beautiful, always and that makes me proud”, “Mummy gives the best hugs”, “You can always find stuff”. It’s the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever had, although it should come with a mascara warning….

Jar of Hearts

My homemade jar of hearts:).

“you have a lovely garden”. Thanks Hunter!

Awww, thank you Autumn: you too!

Thank you my darling OH:).
It means the world to me for my hard work to be appreciated.

Another ace one: Make us a playlist of our favourite tunes. You don’t get to police this, so if we love naff show tunes (*raises hand meekly*) then shove them on there. Oh and Andy: I know you hate Ed Sheeran, but I don’t:).

Final, fab, FREE Mother’s Day idea. Leave us alone. OK, OK, I get that that sounds a bit selfish, but we don’t often get to just “be”. Whenever I’m at home, I’m “doing”. I am not very good at just “being”. But I so enjoy it when I get the chance.

So there you have it late-leavers! Go and start getting crafty and earn yourself some serious partner points in the process. You can thank me later:).


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