Craft And Cocktails: How to have a fabulous Crafty! Night Out!

Craft And Cocktails: How to have a fabulous Crafty! Night Out!

If you love nothing more than getting together with your girlfriends and having a giggle over cocktails, then you’ll be very excited to hear that we’ve discovered how you can make that experience even more fun! How is that possible, you ask?! With a little injection of all things craft, of course! Crafting parties are taking off around the country and, as Sarah Cawood discovered, combining gossip, cocktails and crafting is a recipe for a truly fabulous night!

Crafting. Cocktails. Two words virtually guaranteed to spark joy in the heart of any self-respecting crafty bird, right? So what do you get if you add the two together? A Crafting and Cocktails PARTY that’s what!  A small crafting collective in my home town of Leigh on Sea has seen the potential here, and only gone and organised a craft and cocktail party. Mum and I went a couple of weeks ago, and it was BRILLIANT!

The venue was a local school hall which had been festooned with paper pom poms and banners (and looked anything but like a school hall) and a craft cocktail collective were in attendance making the cocktails (which were OFF-THE-SCALE good!)

Five tables each had a different craft activity laid out; there was pom pom head band making, Russian doll face magnet making, a lavender heart sewing project, stone painting, and mandala drawing. All of the materials were provided, but I didn’t actually get round to doing everything because there was drinking and gossiping to be had too! The ladies from the Craft Club were all there, doling out advice and helping hands… all of this for a piffling £30 per ticket which also included a free cocktail. BARGAIN!

Those hard working women all have full time jobs and do the Craft Club stuff (parties and workshops) in their spare time so they really have a passion for all things crafty. Subsequently, these evening are only annual at the moment – more’s the pity.

Anyway, I could pontificate about this brilliant evening ‘til the knitted cows come home but a picture tells a thousand words, so here are all the fab photos we took from a fab evening. Many thanks to the Craft Club girls for organising, the Craft Drinks company for the amazing cocktails and my mummy for being my crafty wing-woman!

Feeling inspired? If having a night out (or in!) with the girls, and getting your craft on are your two favourite things, then why not combine them? Pick five fun projects, shop for crafty supplies, and get the cocktail orders in! We think craft parties are the best parties of all!

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