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So, as you can see from the website/bloggy thing, lots has changed in Sarah Cawood-land in the last few years. In case you need a refresher of what I do/did (“I know the name, but what shows did she present again?”) then here’s a brief timeline of then until now:

1989-1993- professional ballet training at The Royal Ballet School and Arts Educational Schools, followed by stints in the Vienna Festival Ballet Company, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Phantom of the Opera in the West End.

1993-1996- Presenter on Nickelodeon.

1996-1997- The Girlie Show on Channel 4.

1997-c 2008- various telly bits for various channels: (Nightfever, Footie Shorts, Singled Out on Channel 5: Singled Out also for MTV),

Top of the Pops, The National Lottery Jetset, Comic Relief Does Fame Academy, Richard & Judy, Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals, oh and I once won The Weakest Link;) for the BBC and Channel 4 variously. Other one-offs too numerous to mention but lots of fun had doing The Making Of…. lots of Disney and Pixar films for ITV2.

2008-2012- wilderness years in terms of career but those voice overs kept me sustained. Oh and a short, miserable stint on Heart East Anglia as a Breakfast Show host. (People at Heart are lovely, but job DID NOT mix with hefty commute and looking after young family).

2012- Hunter born (as well as my writing ‘hobby’)

2013- Autumn born.

2014- moved to Leigh on Sea to be a Stay At Home Mummy. Keep my sanity by writing bits and pieces for BabyCentre, Mush Mums and VERY occasionally but not recently, for the Huffington Post. When my babies are older, I’d like to write more. I am though, a writing gun for hire if you want me!

2015-2017- Mummy-ing. Writing scripts and announcing for Challenge TV, blogging for BabyCentre (although I’ve left now: my babies aren’t babies anymore!) and running a household. I wish there were more hours in the day.

So there you have it. That’s the business end of stuff. At the other end though, I would really like to be more crafty, so to speak. When time allows, I make jam, chutney etc. I love to bake and I love making my own gifts to give. I’m also getting into upcycling when I have the time and I just did a sewing course, so hopefully over the next year, I can hone those skills too. As with everything, it boils down to time. I’m only just now able to indulge my hobbies a bit more as Autumn is at nursery and Hunter is at school.

I try and go about all this was honestly as possible. There’s nothing more annoying than a blogging mum who presents her perfect life. My life is not perfect, neither are my children and I most certainly am not!

Enjoy the posts. Let me know what you think, and let’s be friends:).

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